Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
School Masters - 1958 to 1961
A few sneaky pictures of school masters and a more formal group dating from 1957. A pity I didn’t have my camera at the ready when The Jab (a.k.a. the Prod) was lecturing a small class of bored individuals on the perils of smoking. He went to sneeze at one point, hastily scrambled for his handkerchief and a packet of 20 Players Virginia fell out of his trouser pocket. Sniggers all round!
John Attree also appears on the ‘Welsh Holiday’ pages and Eli Eltringham along with Bill Rayner may be seen on the ‘Sports Day’ pages.
Wally Cotgreave who taught me all I know about calculus - not a lot!
Wally Cotgreave - July 1959.
Gobo Mills taught Applied Mathematics or Mechanics as we usually called it
Gobo Mills - April 1959.
23 July 1959
Basil Jowett - July 1959.
24 July 1959
A. W. Richards (Big Dick) - July 1959.
John Attree looks at some photos with Lindsey Pratt
John Attree - July 1959.
Little Dick - 23 July 1959
Richards (Little Dick) - July 1959.
Nuncs complete with bow-tie marks the homework
Thomas Grosch (Nuncs).
15 May 1958 - Sports day
Smiler Miles, Eli Eltringham and Beefy Bullock.
Bill and Eli, 15 May 1958 - Sports day
Eli and Bill Rayner.
  The Beeb
The Beeb. (Mr. Barrett).
The teaching staff - 1968
The teaching staff : 1968.
Photograph above taken by Paul Cooper.
The teaching staff - 1957
Group photograph which appeared in the school’s 21st anniversary celebration booklet of 1957.
The teaching staff - 1936
On the occasion of the school’s inauguration in September 1936.
See larger versions for the names.

Group photographs supplied by Paul Cooper, John Fouracre and Leslie Smith respectively.

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