Farnborough Grammar School

Prospect Avenue, Farnborough, Hampshire

Telephone : Farnborough 539
The Jab
Dr. J.A. Bourne
Farnborough Grammar School came into existence in September 1936 when the Aldershot County High School outgrew its premises in Highfield Avenue and the boys were relocated to Farnborough. The A.C.H.S. building was new in 1912 although it was then called the Aldershot Secondary School. It was co-educational from 1912 through to 1936 and most of its male teaching staff transferred to Farnborough, among them their Headmaster, A.E. Chapman, and his deputy, F.G. Solloway. Mr. Solloway had been at Aldershot High since the day it opened.

A booklet written by school master Basil Jowett in 1957 to commemorate F.G.S.’s 21st anniversary provides a comprehensive history of the school and its predecessors.

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F.G.S. - 1954 to 1961

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Wally Cotgreave, Gobo Mills, Little Richard, A.W. Richards, John Attree, Smiler Miles, Beefy Bullock, Bill Rayner, Eli Eltringham, Basil Jowett, Doc Naish and Nuncs. Sports Day
Sports Day
Running, walking, high jump, pole vault, javelin and cricket. Bill Raynor and Eli Eltringham officiate.
Ian Bonham
Ian Bonham, Lindsey Pratt, Michael Mackey, Richard Hadland, John Fouracre, Alan Parkes and many more. CCF
Activities and Visits
The cadet force, drama, cricket, and football; photographs of the trip to the Brecon Beacons led by John Attree and other school trips.

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