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Bonkers Blog May 2018

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Old Farm

2 May - Under the thumb?

If you are a North Heath voter and show up at the polling station tomorrow saying your name is Philip Read of - well look it up yourself, it’s easy enough to find - there is a good chance you will get away with it, especially if you call the staff cretins to maximise authenticity.

Voter fraud is easy and there is probably a lot of it about. I have two cousins who have always been involved in elections, one will be a presiding officer tomorrow and the other checks postal votes. Both have stories to tell about voter fraud and it is about time something was done about it.

Something is.

In Woking, Watford, Gosport, Slough and Bromley voters will be asked for ID. A Bromley voter told me that her Freedom Pass will be good enough so there at least the requirements are not too onerous.

Why not Tower Hamlets you might ask. That is surely the place renowned for voter fraud. Would its introduction there cause a riot?

Probably, because my informant inside Tower Hamlets Council says the offer went out to Tower Hamlets but he reports that the Chief Executive and Returning Officer rejected the idea. Instead they are going to look at Postal Votes more carefully. Didn’t they think of doing that before?

TuckleyThe Chief Executive is Will Tuckley, late of Bexley Council. I was never sure whether Tuckley was as disreputable as the Cabinet he served or whether he was basically a good guy under their thumb anxious to get away as soon as the opportunity arose.

I am beginning to make up my mind on that.

Last year he turned a blind eye to a £2 million bribe until after six months things got too hot and he felt obliged to report it to the police, now he is alleged to have rejected the idea of a voter ID trial. Maybe the elected Mayor John Biggs leant on him.

The police are already investigating fraud in tomorrow’s election.

Hmm, what’s to do on the new website? Late on Monday evening I must have introduced a bug, it was OK during the day but by yesterday large chunks of text was being missed. Wasted the whole day trying to fix it. Done now.


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